Jamie Kutchman Wynne

Founder at Marigold & Grey
Jamie@marigoldgrey.com |  571.766.8690

"Way back when I started my business, Hannah reached out to me, unsolicited, and offered to contribute to my blog on a volunteer basis. She said she loved anything and everything about weddings and lifestyle and wanted the opportunity to grow her portfolio. I thought it was too good to be true but as a new business owner with a limited marketing budget and exhausted juggling #allthethings, I thought “why not!?” and brought her on board. I’m so glad I did.

Without ever meeting me in-person or being a part of the day-to-day business operations, she intuitively knew how to write in my brand’s voice and never had an issue generating relevant ideas for content. She was consistently on-time with her work and I rarely had to go back and make edits.

When she left to pursue a full-time career with Toast Events, I cycled through a few different contributors, even paid ones, and NONE of them ended up sticking. They couldn’t write in my voice nor could they generate ideas for content the way Hannah could. Believe it or not, as much as my business has taken off over the last four years, I have reverted back to blogging on my own because I haven’t been able to find someone like her."

Cory Lambert

Owner/ Lead Coordinator at Sage Innovations
Cory@sage-innovations.net | 843.814.3984

“Hannah is what I call a ‘follow through-er’ - She always finishes what she starts and does so with extreme efficiency and thoroughness. Her gifts are in organization, project management, event planning, creative writing, and graphic design. She has a beautiful joy about her that exudes light to those around her and she would be an incredible asset to any team lucky enough to have her. Hannah is hard working, passionate, loyal, and extremely driven!”

Andy Armstrong

Director of Operations at Cru
Andy.Armstrong@cru.org | 303.547.0938

“Hannah exhibited a strong work ethic and took initiative from the get-go. She engaged her learning/training opportunities, was a quick learner and quickly elicited my confidence in her abilities. Hannah is self motivated and responded well to direction and coaching. I never had to “light a fire under her” to get her going.

As I observed her (and often worked alongside her) in her Conference and Events responsibilities throughout the year I saw her strengths shine. She is very detail oriented. She handles herself professionally in all client meetings. She learned quickly to involve the right people, delegate well and give direction well towards accomplishing her objectives. She is good with details and good with people.

One of the great surprises with Hannah was her design and marketing skills. She has a keen eye for branding and design. She knows the social media world of our target audience (college students) and ran the social media campaign for our 1,000 student conference. She did an excellent job.

She added to the life of our team and our office environment, relating well with people and having a good sense of humor. She was well liked, a giver and not a taker of “life.” One of Hannah’s strengths is what I would call being a change agent. She appropriately questioned the status quo for different, better and more effective ways of doing things, the systems and processes of accomplishing our goals.

Though her next season will be elsewhere I have great confidence in her as a person and would commend her to you as a great hire.”

Rachel McClard

Day-of Wedding Coordination Client & Former Supervisor
racheltucker6@gmail.com | 501.786.4246

"In this letter, I hope to share two instances where I have had the pleasure of working with Hannah Nowack both professionally and personally since 2012.  

First, in a supervisory role where she volunteered her time over several summer and winter breaks, in order to serve adults and youth at White Sulphur Springs Conference & Retreat Center (WSS). Hannah’s maturity, self-composure, respectfulness, and thoughtfulness was a keystone to the guest’s experiences.  As a direct supervisor during some of her time served at WSS, I had complete confidence that Hannah represented the organization with integrity and character.  She is a level headed decision maker and I witnessed many times when her leadership skills allowed her to take initiative when appropriate.

As the time passed with her service to WSS, Hannah has become a trusted friend and encourager. With a shared interest in marketing, event planning, outdoor adventures and Jeeps, we naturally progressed into keeping in touch.  Before her college graduation, Hannah excelled through internships and freelance positions and through these experiences, I’ve seen her gain valuable ground in trends and statements through her blogs and memorable events.

This leads to my second, more personal experience of working with Hannah.  Having trust and confidence in her skills, I requested her assistance to be the day-of event planner for my wedding in May 2016.  I knew she would be my valuable advocate; while delivering actionable and respectful direction which is absolutely necessary for a wedding. She conducted herself professionally as we coordinated over several phone calls and emails which made me feel supported, well heard, and excited for the plans of the day to unfold.  Perhaps not too many brides can say their wedding was perfect, but I can say “My wedding was perfect!” The flawless delivery of timeline and smooth flow of many moving parts are in direct reflection of Hannah’s ability maintain a schedule and keep up with the fast paced day.

Just as I have grown to love and appreciate Hannah’s loyalty and leadership, I believe it would take just a short time for you to experience the confidence and trust you will get when managing and working alongside this stellar young lady."