Blog Manager | THR3EFOLD

THR3EFOLD is an online platform for the ethical fashion industry aiming to help brands run responsibly so companies can sell consciously. They serve as a point of connection for brands who want to work with fair-trade factories to improve their ethical production methods. As brand manager, I brainstormed relevant content to connect with the ethical fashion world and managed our blog calendar. 


The 9 Best Online Conscious Retailers for Holiday Shopping

Earlier this week we highlighted our favorite ethical clothing brands, today we want to share some great retailers and online marketplaces that are filled to the brim with wonderful ethical shopping finds.

The Little Market | Lauren Conrad’s fashionable online retailer is a go to ethical shopping destination for accessories and gifts. Focused on helping empower women artisans  to rise out of poverty and support their families, not only can you source perfect holiday finds here, but you will be sharing holiday cheer through your fair trade purchase.

Some of our favorite finds include this Striped Towel in Sea Foam and this Small Ikat Satchel in Sand.  

The 7 Ethical Clothing Brands to Shop for the Best Black Friday Deals

Although Black Friday is typically associated with excess, it doesn’t have to be, it all depends on how you choose to shop. To make it easier for you to be a conscious consumer this holiday season, we’ve curated a list of 5 ethical clothing brands to shop while you’re on the hunt for your Black Friday deals.

Everlane | This socially responsible brand offers a variety of versatile tops, pants, shorts, and outerwear pieces. It is wallet friendly as well since almost every piece is under $100. With a link to information about their factories on their homepage, this socially responsible company is serious about transparency. Everlane believes, “customers have the right to know what their products cost to make and where they were made.”

Why Organic Fabric is Actually a Humanitarian Issue

When you are shopping, you may see tags for organic fabric and wonder how it has anything to do with you? We think that's a legit question, and we've often considered ourselves, because at THR3EFOLD, as much as we love the planet, we are first and foremost focused on at-risk people. So when we learned the dangers of traditional textile production as it relates to the farmer and the end user, our perspective was changed. So let's take a deeper look at how organic cotton is actually a humanitarian issue.