The BEST Small Batch Brownies with Coconut Oil

  Image: Ambitious Kitchen

Image: Ambitious Kitchen

I like to believe that I am an amateur food critic and budding master chef! While my food-related titles may be debatable, one thing is certain: these small batch brownies from Ambitious Kitchen made with almond meal and coconut oil are the BEST, hand down, no questions asked! 

I've made these a few times in a regular pan, but I finally received a medium sized cast iron skillet for Christmas and you know I made sure these brownies were the first recipe the skillet had the honor of making! Yummo! 

My friends all know that I rely on musically "in the know" people to keep me hip and introduce me to good tunes. Similarly, while I LOVE cooking and baking, I like to leave it to the experts to trailblaze and give me fun food ideas. In addition to these brownies, I am absolutely loving everything from Gaby Dalkin of What's Gaby Cooking, and I can't wait for her cookbook release next month. Also, let's be honest, I actually want to be best friends with her!

Enjoy to tasty treats and follow along at #thefoodieadventuresofhannahjo for more delicious adventures!