The BEST Small Batch Brownies with Coconut Oil

I like to believe that I am an amateur food critic and budding master chef! While my food-related titles may be debatable, one thing is certain: these small batch brownies from Ambitious Kitchen made with almond meal and coconut oil are the BEST, hand down, no questions asked! 

I've made these a few times in a regular pan, but I finally received a medium sized cast iron skillet for Christmas and you know I made sure these brownies were the first recipe the skillet had the honor of making! Yummo! 

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Hannah Jo Travels: A Guide to Washington D.C.!

I'm a bit of a nomad, having been born in Colorado followed by living abroad for a time. However, many of my formative years were spent in the greater Washington D.C. area and I absolutely love returning for weekend visits to see childhood friends. Since I don't get to spend much more than a weekend visiting the capital these days, I made a quick guide for the must do items when you're only passing through! 

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While I don't anticipate ever becoming a blogger extraordinaire, I have quite a bit of blogging expertise thanks to my work for Oh So Beautiful Paper, Marigold & Grey, The Good Beginning, and Sage Innovations. I love to share my thoughts, format those ramblings with carefully curated images, and share them with the world! 

So, in an effort to create a digital scrapbook of sorts, I've decided to share an occasional blog post here on my website! I can't promise how frequently I will post, but I can assure you that I will only put tidbits that I feel are worthy of your time out into the digital ether! 


(If you are in need of following an actual blogger extraordinaire I would recommend Gal Meets Glam, Somewhere Devine, and The Londoner, and of course the aforementioned blogs I've contributed to!)